This is photo likeness of Neil and Jake, my favorite outdoor cardinals who live nearby. Several times a day, for about half an hour, they (and often a few of their red and rusty relatives) visit to sample some sunflower seeds in a basket on my porch. They must think its a cafe, purposely made for their enjoyment. (It is.)

The red one is a vivid scarlet, and my granddaughter named him Neil.  He’s a rather ordinary fellow and prefers to dine alone.   The brownish-red one is Jake.  I’ve been told that only red cardinals are male, guessing Jake is one rowdy little dame.  She alights on the basket and stays there until she’s  fully satisfied.

Occasionally one or two smaller birds (wrens I think) come to another homemade bird feeder out in the yard, and a couple of mourning doves come by to grab a quick bite – zip! they’re here, zap! they’re gone. Kinda like a drive-thru.

I enjoy my skittish feathered friends, would like to actually photograph them, and MAYbe write more about them…